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Summer Singles League

2019 Div 1 Winner - Callum Halpin

The Summer Singles League was borne out of a few people's desire to continue playing competitive pool during the closed part of the year, between the end of one season and the beginning of the next season during the summer.

Each player who wishes to take part pays an entry fee (currently £25). Each player has to play each of the other players in the league over the best of 5 frames in a preliminary round to decide who goes into which division of the main event, and then best of 9 in the main event.

In the prelim round, points are made in the league table by winning matches, and then by the number of frames won in the event of a tie. In the event of any ties by matches won and frames won, there will be play-offs.

In the main event, points areawarded by matches won only and in the vent of any ties for prizes, there will be play offs.

All the money raised in entry fees is returned as prize money with the exception of a small expense which pays to have the trophy engraved with the winner's name. We now run a two division league with prize money going to the winner and runner-up of each division.

The level to which prize money is offered depends on how many people enter the league and how much money is in the kitty. The more people that enter, the bigger the prize fund.

Please use the sub-links at the top of this page to find the most up-to-date Singles league tables and fixtures etc.

pdf2020 Prelim Event Fixtures
pdf2020 League Table

2019 Div 2 Winner - Paul Crompton

Previous Winners:

2019 - Callum Halpin (Div 1) & Paul Crompton (Div 2)
2018 - Dick Lee (Div 1) & Andy Pordage (Div 2)
2017 - Charlie Ripp (Div 1) & Glen Hughes (Div 2)
2016 - No Event
2015 - No Event
2014 - Ed Mercer
2013 - Will Kingsbury
2012 - Matt Skelton
2011 - Chris Mewse
2010 - Chris Mewse
2009 - Chris Mewse
2008 - Scott Williamson
2007 - Scott Williamson
2006 - Steve Peregrine
2005 - Chris Mewse
2004 - Dick Lee
2003 - Wayne Smith
2002 - Wayne Smith