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Haverhill Pool League

League Winners 2018 - Barny Army

The Haverhill Pool League (HPL) has been running in Haverhill since the early 1980s and is still as popular in the town as ever. The league invites all the pubs and clubs in and around Haverhill to join on an annual basis and then competes for most of the year in a typical pool league format.

The fixtures include a general reciprocating league as is common with just about all town leagues across the country. The HPL is currently affiliated to the Cambridgeshire Pool Association under the English Pool Association and takes part in the County events where possible.

pdfDownload the current League Fixtures here.

The HPL plays the World Rules which are available in the here. The league rules which dictate how the league is run and managed are available here.

Also included in the annual fixture list are various knock-out cup competitions which include:

The League

The league is run to a standard home and away fixture list and may contain one or two divisions depending on the number of teams that take part in the season. Points are awarded as 3 for an away win, 2 for a home win, 1 to each team for a draw and zero for a loss.

League Cup and Plate:

Straight forward knock out cups for all the teams in the league using a match format similar to a typical league match, with the only exception that an extra frame is played in the event of a 5-5 draw to decide the winning team going through to the next round. First team to 6 frames wins.

Threes Cup:

Teams of 3 (4 people allowed per team) play over 9 frames in a specific order so that each player plays each of the 3 players from the opposing team. First to 5 frames wins.

Individual Doubles & Singles Cups:

Singles and Doubles entries into a typical knock-out cup with each round being drawn from the hat. A small fee to enter and all matches (except the final) being best of 3 frames. The Singles and Doubles finals are played on the Finals Night over 5 frames and represent the peak of the game of pool in Haverhill.

Captain's Cup:

The Captain's knock-out cup is played on one night as scheduled by the league fixtures.


All player's results from all league games are entered into the rankings database, and the player who score the highest win percentage at the end of the season wins the title. Any final score over 80% is considered an excellent season's performance. Players must have played in at least 60% of the season's frames to be eligible for the rankings list.